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Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone

Just remembered to send my mum a Mother's Day card and managed to find one that didn't say happy on it. It may or may not get there in time, but I tried. Have also found that taking two paracetamol followed by two ibuprofen works for the back pain. Must try to get some time to swim and see if that helps it. Still fending off chaos at work, just, and have been allowed to get some help in for a couple of days next week, which may save my sanity. And it's Friday, so here is some alphabet stew...

A - Act your shoe size? I'd rather act my dress size - it involves getting less chocolate on my face
B - Born on what? A trolley in a corridor
C - Chores? A pint of Kronenburg, please
D - Dad's beard? looks better now it's white
E - Essential reading? The Dispossessed
F - Favorite fundemental particle? I like high energy photons, but not on me.
G - Gold or frankincense? Frankincense oil, applied by skilled fingers.
H - Home is where? you never have to put your socks on
I - Instruments you have owned? several recorders in various sizes, a penny whistle, an accordian and a few kazoos. I now only have one recorder and a pair of bongos.
J - Job satisfaction? doesn't pay my bills
K - Kids or kittens? Kittens please.
L - Living on the ceiling? Yes, but the people downstairs haven't complained yet...
M - Mum's favourite soap? Coronation street. She hasn't gone off it in thirty five years. Weird.
N - Number of people you've turned down a guaranteed shag from? Excluding people I have slept with at least once, I'd say about 12.
O - Overnight stays for work? Less than 10 in two and a half years. The novelty wears off really quickly.
P - Porridge? Only with cream and syrup.
Q - Quote you got wrong for years and years? "You'll never be alone in the bone orchard " - I thought it said "under Bow arches"
R - Religious affliction? I suffer from a Catholic mother.
S - Seances? I've done a few - it's fascinating how nobody has to be deliberately cheating to get some uninformative sentences...
T - Time? is waiting in the wings
U - Unique? Hah! I'm so unique I'm practically the same!
V - Vegetable lasagna? Tastes like sick.
W - Worst nightmare? The one with the darkened room and the sofas and the little gnome throwing liver.
X - X-ray Spex? I'd shag that Poly Styrene.
Y - Yummy toiletries of choice? Bath bombs from Lush - but I don't have a bath! Wah!
Z - Zoomorphic tendencies? Rabbits!
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