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Bloody hell I'm shattered.

Well, actually I'm a bit less shattered now. I wrote the first line of this and then had some soup and a bath and a lie around and now I'm beginning to feel human again, but that truly was exhausting. I met many of my father's relatives who I didn't recognise, and my Aunt Ruth who's all right. The service was less grim than it could have been, but it takes it out of you sitting in the front row and not singing or saying anything when you're two metres away from the priest.I avoided shaking his hand, but then I also avoided shouting at him, so I consider that a win, on balance. Am now back in London with Paul and looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for several hours.

Yesterday was great, though. I went to Camden and met many many LJ usernames I can't be arsed to type in right now. It was good eating particularly fine burgers with Kitty and David and Laura and Paul and Jess, and then we wandered many stalls and shops without buying any corsets or boots in any way, which makes me virtuous, too.

I fly back tomorrow afternoon, after hopefully meeting Lisa for lunch. Due to my great self restraint I have still got very little luggage in spite of picking up a back pack full of books from Norwich, so it shouldn't be too hard.


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24th Mar, 2003 14:57 (UTC)
*proffered hugs*
I got your brother's email over the weekend.
I'm so sorry to hear.
25th Mar, 2003 01:12 (UTC)
Hugs dodged effectively.
24th Mar, 2003 16:06 (UTC)
Had a really good afternoon on Sunday; thanks. John Lewis seems to be open until 7pm most nights, so I should be able to get in there to look at material before Easter.
25th Mar, 2003 00:20 (UTC)
Glad you managed to have a reasonable weekend in difficult circumstances. I hope you recover from the tiredness soon.
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