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I'm carrying bags under my eyes

I have decided not to try to go to Cambridge on Monday, because it would mean carrying my luggage to the funeral. Sorry guys, I'll have to make a proper occasion to visit you some other time when life is less mad. Instead I'll go back to London and stay with Paul on Monday.

I'm heading to the airport shortly and should be in London Liverpool Street by 5.15, Easy Jet permitting. Paul and Soph - I'll text you and let you know when I'm likely to arrive and we can arrange what to do when I know when I'll be there.

David and Laura, I'll text David to arrange to meet up for shopping. Anyone else who wants to meet in Camden, give me a call or follow me up - I'll check LJ before then...


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22nd Mar, 2003 04:20 (UTC)
well, I'll see you at Whitby if I don't see you before! Take care of yourself til then, mmkay? *grin*
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