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I'm still stinking of sin

Well now that the painkillers have worked a bit I feel a whole lot better. The weather is pretty, and it's the Equinox, which is good - longer days+++

I should be working, but I still want this corset, and this girl...


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21st Mar, 2003 03:19 (UTC)
I believe they sell the corsets in Pink Fluffy in Camden. Dunno about the girl!
21st Mar, 2003 03:36 (UTC)
Damn! Must. Not. Buy. More. Corsets.
21st Mar, 2003 03:42 (UTC)
Pink Fluffy needs to have a health warning. I had to keep repeating the "I can make these" mantra to myself, much to the confusion of the owner.

Though she got negative points for this conversation:

Me: Do you have anything that will fit this bust measurement?

Her: Um, I don't think so, no. (silence) Do you want to buy a corset?

21st Mar, 2003 05:01 (UTC)
Pink Fluffy isn't as bad as Fairygothmother (http://www.fairygothmother.com/).
Fortunately everything in there seems to be made for impossibly thin, tall people, so I'm not too often tempted. Plus it all costs a fortune!
21st Mar, 2003 03:28 (UTC)
Well who wouldn't? ;)
21st Mar, 2003 03:48 (UTC)
I wouldn't! :)

21st Mar, 2003 03:31 (UTC)
...and this girl

Ooh! Nice.
21st Mar, 2003 04:39 (UTC)
i think i prefer the first girl, though she makes me feel embarrassed about how i used to look, since that was the kind of look i was going for, and missed by about 9 miles...
i saw a couple of gorgeous corsets in london, but as they cost £250 each, they were easily avoidable for the timebeing.
21st Mar, 2003 05:07 (UTC)
if you want a good value made-to-measure corset, you could do worse than look at http://www.galleryserpentine.com - they're an australian company that make some lovely things, and the exchange rate means they're dirt cheap.
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