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I am not going to talk about the war on LJ. People who know me know what I think, many of them think the same, and those who don't have thought about it enough that I am unlikely to change their minds. I am not making assumptions about what other people think if I can help it, and I don't intend or expect to lose any friends over this, either.

I am going to do my best to avoid the news, in the knowledge that I won't be able to and that the news I nevertheless see will be enough. Unlike during the first Gulf War I will not be conned into thinking that I need to watch on CNN for fear of being left behind by world shattering events. I know that I have already been left behind; my watching or not watching will not effect the way the bombs fall.

The only thing I will be stockpiling is reading matter, because the only things I expect this war to cause a shortage of are truth and decent television.

Mind you, this is all in the way of a resolution rather than a promise, so I may slip.


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19th Mar, 2003 08:32 (UTC)
That seems a very sensible resolution. I may try a similar one myself.
19th Mar, 2003 13:53 (UTC)
Plus anything that the military will let be shown now won't be anything near the whole story.
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