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Isn't it ironic

From having no accommodation at Whitby I've gone to have two lots. I'm trying to offload a double room I've booked in a guesthouse on the Royal Crescent for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (I'm sure it would be available on Thursday too). It's £44 B&B for the room for one or two people.

Follow me up here if you want it...


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13th Mar, 2003 00:36 (UTC)
Have you posted this to whitby ?

Glad you can make it :)
13th Mar, 2003 01:23 (UTC)
I'll take it, if it's still available..
13th Mar, 2003 01:26 (UTC)
Firewoman on LJ might well be needing accommodation. I've emailed her to look you up in case she doesn't read Whitby.
13th Mar, 2003 03:03 (UTC)
I'm actually looking for room for 3-4 people... but it's not like beggars can be choosers..

I'm interested too..
13th Mar, 2003 03:04 (UTC)
sounds good... yeh is it a two singles or a double.. not that it matters that much... i'll take it (assuming its available for thur,fri,sat)
(Deleted comment)
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