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Why does everything in the whole world suck?


For extra credit feel free to point out examples of things that don't suck, with supporting arguments.


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11th Mar, 2003 04:06 (UTC)
In support of your case: "Gravity is a myth; the planet sucks." (attribution long forgotten)

Against your case: Sucking doesn't suck.
Supporting argument: the little gasps they make are fun to listen to.

Anyone else bored at work today?
11th Mar, 2003 04:06 (UTC)
The Screaming Banshee Aircrew don't suck... they chew :)

Doing positive things doesn't suck... just doesn't make things as _much_ better as you'd like:)
11th Mar, 2003 04:13 (UTC)
Vacuum cleaners only suck when they don't suck...
(this _could_ be applied to sexual partners.. I guess) :p
11th Mar, 2003 04:53 (UTC)
The only thing that doesn't seem to suck right now is our vacuum cleaner - which is more or less immaterial as we can't get the right sort of bags for it, anyway....
11th Mar, 2003 06:07 (UTC)
Well, my friends, including you, don't suck. My life doesn't suck. Not everything's peachy-keen, sure, but I'm happy to be alive.
11th Mar, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
I dont suck, I lick!

11th Mar, 2003 06:26 (UTC)
The alternatives

The world could *sock*. This would be painful.
The world could *sack*. This would make everybody poor.
The world could *sick*. Eeeuur.
The world cannot seck as there is no such thing as secking.

Not everything sucks. I don't suck. Well, sometimes I suck, but not all the time.

Some things that suck are quite nice! Straws suck. They're good for pulling drinks into your mouth. Remoras suck. Well, OK, they aren't very nice at all...erm... Vaccuum cleaners suck, as has been mentioned elsewhere in this stack of posts, and they are quite good things! Except you have to push them around, it would be much better if they were remote-controlled.

Things that can BE sucked can be a lot of fun. Joints, sweets...
Stopping there.

Cheer up, it's Spring...
11th Mar, 2003 07:29 (UTC)
I wonder about this myself. It could be for several reasons:

  • Most people prefer to make their life suck less compared to yours than to make the world not suck in general.
  • If ordinary things didn't suck, you wouldn't feel compelled to work your ass off to buy the special "reduced suck" version.
  • We're used to things sucking, and so we spend all of our effort trying to figure out which one sucks less, or to convince people that our wares suck less. Time that could be better spent making things not suck.
  • Some people are in a position where they can consume things that don't suck while they don't need to produce much, or they can just produce sucky things.
  • Some groups of people think they can just go out and grab whatever doesn't suck by force, which makes life suck for everyone else.

As for things that don't suck: Friends in general. Your friends. My friends. The sun (Sol, the star!). Mark Thomas. Noam Chomsky. Tuppy Owens. Laurie Andreson. Mary. The internet. Boradband. Good porn (it should do more). Olive oil. Espresso. Backrubs. Light-hearted sex. Condoms (especially HT or Durex strong). Lube. Most perverts I've met don't suck :-) The sea, between 36N and 36S. Hard disks. Japanese and French trains. Japanese and French food. Exercise. Bicycles. Compressed music. Google. More businesses that don't suck (see end).


11th Mar, 2003 08:48 (UTC)
Re Stuff
Things which don't suck:

An afternoon off work/chores shopping for lovely purple things and chocolate bargains in the sunshine.

Things which suck:

Trying to get home when 3 taxis in a row see that they've been hailed for someone in a wheelchair and suddenly speed off, covering me in petrol fumes.
11th Mar, 2003 10:33 (UTC)
When I try to vacuum a carpet using a particularly ungood cleaning apparatus, I get myself braintied with the incompatible-synonym paradox I'm confronted with...

"Damn, this hoover sucks."
"That's good right?"
"No, it doesn't suck very much at all."
"That's good right?"
"Shut up mindspasm! I'm confused now."
"You suck."
"That's good right?"

Er... I can't remember what I'm replying to now. Oh well!
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