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Here is a partial reply to some of the less abusive anonymous comments I've had recently. I'm giving these ones the benefit of the doubt as they may not be from the same nutter as the more evil ones. Like I said, if you have been commenting anonymously and want an LJ, you only have to ask.

So, some clarifications:

  1. I do not hate people who are smaller than me, and I really try not to slag people off for their size. Sometimes when I'm suffering from self hatred I can get irrational anger at people whose appearance triggers that self-hatred. That can include people who are bigger than me as well as the thinner ones. I know it's irrational, which is why I describe it as such.
  2. I am not trying to manipulate anyone into giving me anything, especially not Whitby accommodation, which is like gold dust.
  3. I don't need anonymous comments telling me to 'dump that zero' or any similarly insightful remarks. Honestly - however helpful you mean to be, making it anonymous just makes you look like a dickhead.


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10th Mar, 2003 03:46 (UTC)
You receive some very odd hate-mail. :)
10th Mar, 2003 06:00 (UTC)
They are very childish :-(
10th Mar, 2003 10:45 (UTC)
*hugs* If these are based on what you write on LJ, I don't understand where they're getting these ideas from. Hope it all stops now
10th Mar, 2003 12:29 (UTC)
Sorry to hear you are getting so much hassle.

Shame people don't have something better to do with their time, like getting a life.

Hope to see you at the weekend, once I am back in Edin.
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