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I am disallowing anonymous comments on my LJ for a while as people have started to use it as a way of sending me anonymous hate mail. i.e. by deleting their comment immediately in the knowledge that it will get to me by e-mail. If you don't have an LJ and want to comment on my entries, I'll happily send you a code. I have lots.


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10th Mar, 2003 00:13 (UTC)
eeep! *hugs* there are some nasty people out there!
10th Mar, 2003 00:20 (UTC)
ouch. people really suck sometimes. *hugs*

I had a nasty bunch of anonymous comments a while ago, and no matter how much I told myself it didn't matter, that they were pathetic cowards and their opinions were of no value, it still managed to bring me down. Wise move to turn the comments off.
10th Mar, 2003 00:26 (UTC)

If you screen comments, do they get the chance to delete them? At least that way you'd know the IP address...
10th Mar, 2003 00:55 (UTC)
Yes, I had the comments screened before, and I was getting a few nasty ones, which I just ignored. The thing that's changed my mind is the one I got yesterday saying "I know you're going to get this in your e-mail", which sounds like someone who thinks they're getting to me. I can't be doing with that, as Granny Weatherwax would say, so I'm just turning them off. I expect they'll get bored and go away now (which is what I was hoping for when I screened them, but I didn't realise that they might just want *me* to see them).
10th Mar, 2003 00:56 (UTC)

I'm sorry to hear that. I guess just remember if they don't have the guts to say it to your face, they aren't worth worrying about.

10th Mar, 2003 01:00 (UTC)

That's a real shame. I thought LJ was relatively nutter-free zone.
Hopefully they'll just get bored and go away now.
10th Mar, 2003 01:10 (UTC)
I thought LJ was relatively nutter-free zone.

Goodness me, which LJ have you been reading!
10th Mar, 2003 03:32 (UTC)
Never had any bad comments either (except from friends, for good reason).

I do find it a bit strange that you should have enemies. In my opinion you are entirely a Good Person (TM). Well, maybe it's for that reason...

10th Mar, 2003 06:11 (UTC)
Well, what I meant is that the nutters don't seem to hassle other people at random much.
Most people's journals seem to get replies from friends or intelligent, interested strangers - it's not like newsgroups where there are all sorts of maniacs on even the most inoffensive sounding forums.

I only had two mildly annoying people hassling me since I've been on LJ, and one of those was sort of my own fault for being silly enought to talk to the telly-evangelists...
10th Mar, 2003 01:32 (UTC)
Ick. Jerks.

*big reassuring hug*
10th Mar, 2003 02:11 (UTC)

Hope the wankers piss off soon then!
10th Mar, 2003 02:37 (UTC)
Sounds like a wise move... there's little point in putting up with idiots, it just wastes your time.

Should you run short of lj codes I seem to have rather a lot of them too...
10th Mar, 2003 03:59 (UTC)


Cowardly bastards.

Zix - may they be everlastingly accursed
Sam - wise move, love, why listen to fools
Mouse - hugs the pretty purple lady

The rest of us are stunned and disgusted...

10th Mar, 2003 05:03 (UTC)
That seems a remarkably poisonous and cowardly thing to do - any idea who these people are, people who you know or just random net.scum?

Upsetting though it is, I wouldn't let them get to you though, if they haven't got the courage to put their names to, their opinions clearly aren't worth much.

Soph xx
10th Mar, 2003 07:50 (UTC)
Re: shits
This was my attitude when some bozo showed up on mine and tried to make trouble. In addition I got some very supportive comments, some from unexpected people, so my little troublemaker actually did me some good...
10th Mar, 2003 05:59 (UTC)
That's really horrible :-(
10th Mar, 2003 23:21 (UTC)
How cowardly of them, and how sad that they have nothing better to do with their time.
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