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Where you from and what's your name?

1. Three books you read recently:
Make Room! Make Room! -- Harry Harrison
The Slayers of Seth -- Paul Doherty
Today We Choose Faces - Roger Zelazny

2. Three books you really enjoyed recently:
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Hyperion -- Dan Simmons
The Other Wind - Ursula Le Guin

3. And one you hated:
Can't think of one off the top of my head, but then I've been reading crap lately

4. A character from a work of fiction you really identify with :
Nadia Cherneshevsky from the Mars Trilogy - I can see myself ending up leading a revolution by accident.

5. Read comic books?
Well I'm still reading League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but that's all these days

6. What other living things are in the room you're in?
Five plants and probably a bunch of creepy crawlies i can't see

7. Which chess piece are you? Which colour?
I guess I'd have to be a red queen

8. Pick a card, any card.
the ten of swords

9. Predict : how is it all going to end for you?
Well I expect I'll die - people mostly do.

10. Dogs or cats?
Cats are less work.

11. Any addictions?
Diet coke, buying pretty things I can't afford

12. Pick a god, any god.
Dionysos just now

13. Describe your spirit guide.
Apparently it's a cartoon purple rabbit with a quiff. That's what he says, anyway.

14. Describe your true shape.
Purple Rabbits shaped

15. When you become king, who's first up against the wall?
They'd have to form an orderly queue

16. "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" - Comment.
well yes, obviously

17. What's that warm, fuzzy feeling all about, eh?

18. Are you an angel that fell or an angel that stayed?
I'm an angel that moved out.

19. Where did all the fairies go?
Onto doll making sites

20. If you were an item of clothing, you'd be...
Comfortable and purple


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28th Feb, 2003 07:45 (UTC)
'Red queen'?

Bloody commies.

(God I'm sorry. Blame my boredom. It's currently smothering me).
28th Feb, 2003 08:55 (UTC)
Ten of swords and American gods
Ten of swords. Whoa. That's pretty scary.

American Gods. It's been sitting on my shelf since Novacon. I take it from this it's worth taking off and reading (in my copious free time)?

28th Feb, 2003 11:52 (UTC)
Re: Ten of swords and American gods
Ten of swords. Whoa. That's pretty scary.
I used to relate to it a lot when I was younger and depression seemed more interesting. And today I had a headache...
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