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Tread lightly in your dreams

Reasons to be cheerful
I have another new user pic - look!
I woke up early and felt cheerful because of a deeply important yet nonsensical dream about making people out of boats, making boats out of people and defeating bullies with guns.
It's Friday.
I have the room to myself and can play my music audibly.

Things that make you go hmm
I am short of one envelope stuffer today.
My head hurts.
This is because I drank too much last night instead of going to the gym- bad rabbit.
Buffy and Angel kind of sucked.



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28th Feb, 2003 02:04 (UTC)
I have another new user pic - look!

Oooh! Sexy!

Buffy and Angel kind of sucked.

Really? I thought they were both really good, actually. Buffy in particular had the balance of witty and scary moments that I used to love in the third and fourth seasons.
28th Feb, 2003 02:13 (UTC)
buffy and angel
as per usual we're getting the episodes mpg format, and I agree with you, a few episodes from the new seasons are a bit lame, slow etc, but: I can assure you there are some really good ones too (I think)!
28th Feb, 2003 02:44 (UTC)
Buffy and Angel kind of sucked.


What it is, is the "stories need conflict or they don't work" meme.
It's an infective truism. Too much weight given to it unbalances the story and makes it boring.
28th Feb, 2003 02:53 (UTC)
That is a breathtaking userpic. You're so beautiful. Meep.

28th Feb, 2003 04:52 (UTC)
Nice picture, I like it
28th Feb, 2003 08:50 (UTC)
Yup, good photie.

Which Buffy episode was it?
28th Feb, 2003 11:32 (UTC)
if you have any more envelope stuffing in future, i can help (have found the prettiest purple spiderweb boots, and want them for my own :)...
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