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It was a lovely party

Well, Saturday saw one of the best parties we've had in ages. Including, in no particular order: an interesting new person called Richard, who's just moved into Emmental. Nuala and friends who've just moved to Edinburgh, Hugh, who I haven't seen for ages and who always brings nice booze. Many people looking alarming in tuxedos, including Ian, Charlie, Bobbie, pavlos, and Chris. A number of splendid evening gowns, including ciphergoth's dainty cocktail frock and gothtart's bitch dress. Pretty people, venomous cocktails, a big platter of fruit, intellectual conversation (yes, but what if you are Descartes solipsistic hell?), a lovely mask from Pavlos, Nik looking scary in the evil genius chair, and nobody being sick. Which was nice.
Tags: partying, update
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