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who do you love?

My 'people I fancy in films and TV' list - just to cheer me up.

  • G'kar (still)
  • Spike
  • Oz
  • Daniel Jackson as played by James Spader
  • Aragorn
  • any naked ladies painted gold

Just so you know...



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26th Feb, 2003 08:39 (UTC)
I just tried to do this one. The conclusion is that I fancy American women with special powers/modifications on implausible sitcoms (Jessica Alba, Emma Caulfield), blond vampires (Spike!), Icelandic penguins and yellow Pokémon.

It's harder than it looks...

I think I need to alter my standards.
26th Feb, 2003 10:02 (UTC)
What if we painted you in gold?

*muses on image*

26th Feb, 2003 10:24 (UTC)
Ahhh Gkar...
... hehe - I remember discussions we have had elsewhere on LJ about him...


Hes very very very very very sexy... Just gotta find him in a human man :-)

Having said that - I did like his assistant (the warrior woman) too - her name fails me...

But the Narn are a sexy race :-P
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