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Thanks to Kitty for the new user pic. I'm sure I don't remember ever looking like that, but it's very glam.

Thanks to Paul for sorting me out a Whitby ticket - now I only need a B&B for Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks also to Countess Soph for the enchanted silver gilt machinegun in the style of Benvenuto Cellini. I get the feeling I may need it by the end of the day.

Still waiting for new corset - how long do I have to wait before politely enquiring where it's got to?


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26th Feb, 2003 02:35 (UTC)
Oh, that's gorgeous.
26th Feb, 2003 02:40 (UTC)

What an excellent pic!
26th Feb, 2003 03:19 (UTC)
Why Ms Rowan, you're ravishing!

26th Feb, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
Ahh ha, I am back

LJ wouldn't let me log in all day so this is the first time I have seen your new pic. It's is great. You look lovely.
26th Feb, 2003 13:49 (UTC)
You look lovely!
27th Feb, 2003 10:47 (UTC)
Are you still looking for somewhere? I know someone who's still got a room free in a cottage - so let me know if you'd be interested.
27th Feb, 2003 23:45 (UTC)
Yes, very much so - point me at it!
28th Feb, 2003 01:49 (UTC)
Details mailed to you. I gather it's more or less "first come first served", so I'd drop him an email as soon as you can.
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