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There's a black wind blowing

I hate my life. It is perhaps unfortunate to get so drunk on one's birthday that one wakes up with an evil hangover - especially if it's one of those hangovers that fills you with disgust at yourself and makes you look at everything in the unnaturally sober big light. It certainly isn't any fun. But right now I'm surprised to find that I'm not depressed - I'm angry. This is not what life was supposed to be and I'm going to have to change that.
I'm gonna change my colours / cancel my things / stop my squawking / grow some wings

I am not, however, going to 'burn every word and letter and card that I ever wrote'. There is such a thing as taking lyrics too seriously...



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3rd Oct, 2001 09:29 (UTC)
Sadly, I rather know how you feel right now. Altho' in my case its because I'm facing up to the prospects of job-hunting again.

Thing to do is - don't rush, but don't lose the urgency either. Come tonight/tomorrow/weekend, sit down, evaluate and try to find a plan of action.

Thats what I'm grasping for atm. *hugs* again
3rd Oct, 2001 09:37 (UTC)
Re: Hugs
Do not attempt to hug angry bunnies, for they are spiky and quick to bite your head off.

Don't worry, though, I've calmed down enough not to do anyone any real hard, and I do kind of have a plan - the trick is to maintain the energy to implement it...
4th Oct, 2001 02:54 (UTC)
Re: Hugs
*smiles* I remember at the bar at Manchester BiCon when someone accosted you and told you they had to hug you because you were standing on the hug spot.

That was funny. Remember the look of horror you left them with and go kick your life about a bit.
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