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With this sound mark the ground

I have way way way too much to do at work. It's not even going to help much if I do overtime[1], because so much of what I do involves phoning folk at school and council and places that have civilised working hours...

I want to the gym last night, and I'm tempted to go tonight as well. I seem to find it easier to burn off calories than to avoid eating them atm, and no doubt it's good for me. I am now able to do an hours cardiovascular exercise with hardly any break and without going unattractively red in the face. Go me!

I managed to avoid drinking last week except on Thursday (two glasses of wine) and Saturday (rather a lot). Am feeling better for it, so I'm going to try to keep to two days a week maximum.

I really really really need to sort out accommodation for Friday and Saturday at Whitby. And get a damn ticket, of course.

I wish I had more money. Well duh - this is a permanent state of mind for me.

I also wish I had more to say - have you noticed that I have nothing to say yet? Well I guess I'll bugger off now, then.

[1]By overtime I mean extra work, of course...
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