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With this sound mark the ground

I have way way way too much to do at work. It's not even going to help much if I do overtime[1], because so much of what I do involves phoning folk at school and council and places that have civilised working hours...

I want to the gym last night, and I'm tempted to go tonight as well. I seem to find it easier to burn off calories than to avoid eating them atm, and no doubt it's good for me. I am now able to do an hours cardiovascular exercise with hardly any break and without going unattractively red in the face. Go me!

I managed to avoid drinking last week except on Thursday (two glasses of wine) and Saturday (rather a lot). Am feeling better for it, so I'm going to try to keep to two days a week maximum.

I really really really need to sort out accommodation for Friday and Saturday at Whitby. And get a damn ticket, of course.

I wish I had more money. Well duh - this is a permanent state of mind for me.

I also wish I had more to say - have you noticed that I have nothing to say yet? Well I guess I'll bugger off now, then.

[1]By overtime I mean extra work, of course...



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25th Feb, 2003 04:08 (UTC)
A friend emailed me last week to say he was having a lot of trouble finding a Whitby ticket, as all the usual places had sold out already. Hopefully he was just being useless and you haven't left it too late...
25th Feb, 2003 05:12 (UTC)
Oh ratknackers, it cant be too late for Whitby tickets already. I shall come out of Kaos retirement and work a ritual involving 12 naked 16 year old Goths of various persuasions with a soundtrack of Ave Dementia and all shall be well :)
25th Feb, 2003 05:18 (UTC)
Sounds like a good show :) I'm not sure if you'd find much more variety in the persuasions of a dozen goths than you could in 1 or 2... but the combinations would be fun.

Did you get my emails, btw, re: the letter of appeal? I sent them via a slightly odd route to avoid work's email server, and I'm not 100% sure I got it right :)
25th Feb, 2003 05:32 (UTC)
That should have read sexual orientations - I am sure one could find at least 12 - and we would them of course have 13 persons incluhding myself, although of course in Kaos one could work with , say, 23 or 6 or whatever......however I had no sooner typed and sent that than I received a call from ciphergoth to say he had tickets, fucking spooky eh? Standby for deluge of geek posts about how there is nothing spooky about coincidences, I am ducking already ;)

Yes I did get your emails. Very sorry about delay in response, will try to respond today.
25th Feb, 2003 05:19 (UTC)
Fear not, I have sorted it. Don't let that stop you doing the ritual with the naked 16-year-old goths of course..
25th Feb, 2003 04:14 (UTC)
I've noticed. Hello xxx

Am also snowed under (mmf mmf!) at work and beginning to lose my famous calm aura of patience. A bit of live journalling and thinking about more pleasant things is getting me through the day.

Good luck with the limiting drinking to 2 nights a week resolution. I was a bit amazed when I found out the recommended limits women are supposed to keep to.

See ya
25th Feb, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
I'm impressed with your gym success too. Well done!

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