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In half an hour I'm going out with my department for lunch, being paid for by my two bosses, neither of which I am allowed to call useless at this time. Free desert - hurrah!

Friday-type schedule follows:-

  • Tonight: go to gym to work off desert. Make copies of CDs etc tonight
  • Tomorrow: Visit Emmental to return borrowed CDs, maybe go for coffee with pavlos. Vain in the evening - hurrah! spend ages dressing up.
  • Sunday: visit lilitufire for sewing and corset related discussions. Possibly go to Ace social in the evening with keyeto
  • Monday: more gym
  • Tuesday: free
  • Wednesday: Flat meal
  • Thursday: Buffy and Angel



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21st Feb, 2003 06:43 (UTC)
21st Feb, 2003 10:58 (UTC)
Into the blue again,
After the money's gone.
Once in a lifetime,
Water flowing underground.

Cool. Havent thought about Talking Heads for ages, but they're excellent. So is free desert :D
21st Feb, 2003 12:48 (UTC)
i'm thinking of going to the ace social too. i've never been there before.
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