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I'm not angry (anymore)

I'm doing well for weapons of mass destruction. My favourite so far is the steam-powered semi-automatic chipmunk trebuchet for mrph, although the entire class of primary school children might be more deadly. I also appreciate skx's gift of a really large pot of glitter - especially given the probability that it will end up being used on him.

Feeling crap this morning due to hideous nightmares which seem to have given me a hangover. I certainly don't think I could have got a hangover from the one glass of wine I had last night, even though I hadn't intended to drink it.

Give me more weapons - I'm in a mean mood today, and it is better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness...


21st Feb, 2003 07:53 (UTC)
Re: Yes
Certainly, give me many weapons...