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Why don't you be my one and only friend? Why don't you be my sidekick?

I'm not pensive, I'm just thinking...

I've been thinking about wildeabandon's thoughts about friends, and wondering how many 'friends' I have as opposed to people I'm friendly with. I don't exactly know how I define 'friend', so this is all rather loose, but I reckon I have:-
  • three partners who I count as my closest friends ever (all male).
  • three friends in Edinburgh who I would go out of my way for whenever they were in distress, whatever else was happening (also all male).
  • a further five or six friends in Edinburgh who I'd be happy to tell my troubles to and would listen to theirs in return, but I don't see them often enough to call them close friends (only two of whom are female).
  • two friends in London who I feel close to (both of whom I've slept with. One I text a lot and one I don't, and I don't know if either would consider me a close friend, but I'd go out of my way for them. (one male, one female)
  • four or five people in London who would be close friends if I lived there but I don't see often enough right now (including two or three women).

I don't know how many of my close friends would consider me a close friend in return, and in some ways itt matters less to me than I'd expect. I also have a whole bundle of female and male acquaintances in Edinburgh, and in the BiCon/Whitby/Londonpolybis crowds, which all overlap in interesting ways. But what this analysis seems to be telling me is that I don't find it easy to get close to women, and that there isn't a single person who I consider a very close friend who I haven't either slept with or want to sleep with. I like shagging friends I guess, at least the once - it seems to help cement a friendship for me...
Tags: rant/opinion
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