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Whisper it, but my iMac is mostly behaving itself OK now, so I can actually get some work done.

Which is good as I have a metric fuckload of work to do. Really. (Which is why I'm updating, natch.) And I have actually achieved a fair bit today, too.

Oh, and after three and a half hours in the hairdressers last night, during which my lovely hairdresser redyed my spripes because she'd misunderstood what I wanted the first time, I can now report that

I have Good Hair!

It's black with three big red stripes on either side, and the bob has been made even higher at the back with a cute ikkle shaved bit. Photos will follow when I've had a chance to get some...



13th Feb, 2003 08:01 (UTC)
Re: I can testify to the gorgeousness of the hair.
Cheers! We must keep up this mutual admiration thing.