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I believe this wave will bear my weight so let it flow

Every so often I notice the massive difference in the way I perceive myself at different times at work. I tend to go through fairly dramatic roller-coasters of self confidence at the best of times, and this can mask the more systematic patterns. One systematic difference, though, is between how confident and outspoken I am in meetings compared to how incapable and overwhelmed I can feel when I'm on my own at my desk. Roughly it seems to go; in meetings - come across really well and am in danger of believing my own hype. Feel I can anything; when thinking about work on my own - feel I can do nothing and that I have bitten off more than I can chew; when actually doing work and not thinking too hard about it - seem to muddle through somehow... Now, I wonder what that tells me?

Anyway I'm feeling relatively confident at the moment, so I guess I should get on and muddle through.
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