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They interrupted my evil designs

Well, yesterday was a bit of a waste of time, but not actually painful, so I guess that's better than I expected. (Being excluded feels BAD mmm-kay?) Got very drunk in the evening, though, firstly slagging off the course with colleagues, then continuing to drink through Buffy and Angel and Mark Thomas video. Ghod, I hope Spike's hair is going to get better soon! (I hope that doesn't count as too much of a spoiler). Also ate far too much Far Eastern takeaway (we have a place that does Thai and Chinese - I had both), and then stayed awake reading Hyperion, which was stupid. Now feel very blah. Blah.

However I do actually have to do some work today, even if only to get the to do lists in shape for next week. This week has been a total write-off for various reasons (training, fucked up operating systems, colleagues, meetings), and thus I didn't enjoy the time out yesterday as much as I should have. I am so very tired of being in a state of chaos all the fucking time.
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