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I have to be in training all day, so I can't do my web surfing myself, so I'm asking you all to do my research for me...

What's a good DVD player for me to buy (cheap-ish)?
Is there an online resource that gives you an excuse to celebrate every day of the year?
Is there a good online list of Whitby B&Bs
How am I going to survive a day of anti-discriminatory training?


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6th Feb, 2003 02:20 (UTC)
DVD player - for sheer bang per buck, Playstation 2. If you're ever, ever likely to play any games, that is.
6th Feb, 2003 04:48 (UTC)
Yes! Yes yes!

Don't listen to the others. They hate you. Buy a PlayStation.
6th Feb, 2003 02:25 (UTC)
My preference is definitely for a PC DVD drive - cheaper, infinitely controllable and you can use it to put a DVD movie onto a CD-R.

But you want at least a 500MHz-ish CPU in the PC.

If you want a stand-alone player, the first question is do you need multi-region?
6th Feb, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
I'd recommend
Cyberhome ADL528
BLACK (Multi-region)
Very good -Got my family one for X-mas - and it cost £100 then...

Helpfully got 2 headphone plug sockets in the front, with separate volume controls...

Does exactly what it says on the tin - Cheap, cheerful, and not bad (plus its multireigon so you can play US stuff - NOT "no reigon" so wont break on the new anti-copying stuff).

Other than that - do you have a higher budget? If so - The Pioneer players are good... As are some of the "all in one" packages by panasonic - (the ones with the speakers, and player - rather than just stereo for your TV).

Laterz - Shout if you need more info / recommendations
6th Feb, 2003 04:12 (UTC)
Not sure about online list of B&B's, can only suggest that you get the Whitby tourist folk to email or fax you a list out....Unless you are happy to get a wee cottage, I know Whitby Holiday Cottages had a few left as they now have online booking so you can check availability, you can only book Sat to Sat online though but can still see if there are still some left, if so you can phone your weekend booking.
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