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I hate questionnaires. Really, I do. It's just that I hate envelope stuffing more

Only questions with interesting answers are included...

Piercings: labrette, right nostril, 3 in right ear, 2 in left ear, clit hood and labia.
Tattoos: Seahorse on left tit, spider on right shoulder, and a design made up of the ogham rune for rowan and a sprig of rowan on my right hip
Get along with parents: Hmm. I guess. Certainly better than I did. I hardly ever visit them but I phone quite often and meet up on neutral territory when I'm down south.
Bedtime: Anytime between 10.00 and 2.00
Who on LJ have you been friends with the longest: Trishpiglet, closely followed by Ciphergoth. I've known Aegidean longer, but we weren't exactly on speaking terms for a few years.
What's on the wall of your room: Too much crap to describe. Many pictures, a lot of minerals in a display case.
What's your biggest wish at the moment: Enough money to give up this job.
What are you thinking right now: Eight minutes to go
What's the background on your computer: Comet Hale-Bopp
If you could change one thing about your appearance,what would it be: I'd really like to be four inches taller

Broken someone's heart: Probably once.
Had your heart broken: Yes. I got better. Mostly.
Been in love: Yes, how else do you get your heart broken?
Cried when someone died: Yes. I have also failed to cry when people died, which is more problematic
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Yes, but people sometimes surprise me so I hold out hope...
Broken a bone: Only my little toe
Lied: Often

Love at first sight: No, only in retrospect
God: No.
Monsters: No, even Dubya is theoretically redeemable
Horoscopes: No.
Aliens: Are very far away
Ghosts: No.
Heaven: Only on earth
Hell: Only on earth

Have been to a party: 15th September
Have been to a dance: Um, BiCon?

Person you hate the most: George W Bush
Your most embarrassing cd: all my embarrassing music is on vinyl
The best thing that has happened today: time passing

Colour: Purple
Movie: Brazil
Place to go when you have nowhere else to go: bed
Holiday: Brittany
Season: now
Breakfast food: any food can be breakfast food
Place to go with your honey: Out to dinner
Place to go with your friends: pub

Wish you were someone else: No, because the question doesn't make sense to me. I have wished I could steal someone else's body, though
Wish you were a member of the other sex: Only so I could shag particular gay guys
Want to look different: For most of my life, but it's getting better