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Chinese whispers was an analogue game

I am going to the Holyrood at 10-ish and will then almost certainly end up at the Mish. Anyone who wants to come along and cheer me up, dance with me, admire my boots etc would be more than welcome.

Actually am feeling mostly cheerful, but somewhat unpredictable. Be warned that I may behave oddly if provoked, or anyway. This might even be a good thing, I'm sick of behaving predictably.

I obtained a lot of new music today, or at least music that I haven't owned for a while. Like this one, ad loads and loads of Momus I'm borrowing from Anna, and The Presidents of the United States of America, who have done an alarmingly good cover of Video Killed the Radio Star that I wasn't previously aware of.

So now all I have to do is my ritual Imbolc/Chinese New Year sweeping (or hoovering), and I'll start getting ready.