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Be a witness to the march of time

Bah! Snow fell briefly and then stopped. Although perhaps given other people's woes with the stuff I shouldn't be risking wishing for it. I still feel shit. Word is being crap on me. And I can't go home for another hour and a half. Unfair!

This weekend I'd like to get some people along to Digital (I know I keep saying this), and go to the gym (I keep saying that as well). I also have a matter of hours to decide whether to join my gym at their January rate of £175. I think I will. I know it's £175 out of my account right now, but it's unprecedentedly cheap for a year's gym - assuming I ever go, of course.



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31st Jan, 2003 09:02 (UTC)
what is digital?
i was thinking of missioning, but hey...
31st Jan, 2003 18:15 (UTC)
It's a good techno club. Last I looked it was at the Venue, it was free, the music was actually good for techno dancing as opposed to blowing out your ears, and they had drinkable beer at the bar. It wasn't that full, but it was only the first or second week of the club. May have caught on a bit more since.

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