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Am trying to decide whether to go to the Holyrood tonight. I know I've been drinking far too often lately, like nearly every night, but I do want to catch up with folk. And going and not drinking is just not an option - in the Filmhouse it might have been (except that I didn't) but not in the Holyrood... Also, I must go to the gym at some point, really.

Meanwhile some privacy related news in the Guardian:-

Suicide bid on CCTV may herald new privacy law

Police and MI5 tapping of phones and emails doubles under Labour



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29th Jan, 2003 09:05 (UTC)
walk to pub, thereby avoiding having to go to the gym?
i might go to pub, since i've officially been told to lay off working and celebrate the fact that i've sorted out what i'm doing next year, but it's sooo cold. let me know if you're going tho, as that might actually be motivation. :)
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