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I now have around twenty two hours worth of music, which means that have rather a lot of my work hard drive is devoted to MP3s, but I guess that's OK, it's not as if I need it for anything else.

Meanwhile everyone here is in a snit, and apparently the snow is coming down from Fife (does anything good ever come from Fife? Apart from nik_strychnine, obviously.)

I have managed to get rather a lot of work done today - enough to remind me how much there is yet to do... In fact, I have just realised why I never feel as good as I should when I finish an unwelcome piece of work. It's because I always put off the thing in the 'job I would least like to do' slot, and usually the only reason I get round to doing it is because some new hideous thing has come up to fill that slot. How fucked up is that?



29th Jan, 2003 04:19 (UTC)
Re: How fucked up is that?
It's certainly what I do. In fact, a manager I was talking to last week says that if no one comes and hassles him about an unwanted task within three weeks he takes it out of his intray and puts it in the bin. Made me feel like that's a healthy thing to do!