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I now have around twenty two hours worth of music, which means that have rather a lot of my work hard drive is devoted to MP3s, but I guess that's OK, it's not as if I need it for anything else.

Meanwhile everyone here is in a snit, and apparently the snow is coming down from Fife (does anything good ever come from Fife? Apart from nik_strychnine, obviously.)

I have managed to get rather a lot of work done today - enough to remind me how much there is yet to do... In fact, I have just realised why I never feel as good as I should when I finish an unwelcome piece of work. It's because I always put off the thing in the 'job I would least like to do' slot, and usually the only reason I get round to doing it is because some new hideous thing has come up to fill that slot. How fucked up is that?



28th Jan, 2003 09:10 (UTC)
"does anything good ever come from Fife?"
No, never