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Some guys can erect garden furniture

Or remove washing machines. But not us. We now have a half removed washing machine blocking up the incredibly tiny kitchen, and managed to turn off the cold water, so we can unplumb the cold water tap. But the hot water tap eludes us. We've tried turning a variety of things to no avail. I'm at work now, and can't do anything about it, but I'm exceedingly worried that Comet will dump a new washing machine on us without removing the old one, on the grounds that the old one isn't unplumbed. Given that we live on the third floor it's going to be a fucking nightmare to get rid of an unwanted washing machine - even assuming we get that far... Of course the most likely thing is that Comet fail to turn up altogether, or the delivery bods take one look at the stairs and refuse to do the job, or the new machine turns out to have been eaten from the inside by mice.

Meanwhile work is being work and driving me nuts, but not in any worse way than usual. I've requested a couple of application packs, so I may get around to applying for something else, but I wouldn't bet on it. To be honest the job is so far from being the worst problem in my life that I feel I don't have the energy to deal with it until a few other things have settled down, but we'll see.

I'll be at The Filmhouse tonight come what may, and as Tesco can't deliver today and we're unlikely to have a working kitchen, I'll probably be turning up early and eating there, especially since I didn't get a nice dinner last night due to bloody plumbing. Bah.



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28th Jan, 2003 02:48 (UTC)
If you've turend off the cold water supply to the entire flat, then you should be able to run the hot water until it runs out (but make sure you turn the heating off first, or the heating elements will try to heat air and get rather upset.) Of course, if your hot water is communal for the block of flats that won't work, but I'd be a bit surprised if that were the case.
28th Jan, 2003 02:53 (UTC)
The hot water won't be communal, so I wouldn't worry about that.

When we were in Spottiswoode Street, a flat upstairs was having the kitchen broken and rebuilt. This involved taking away the old washing machine. rather than maneuvering it down the staircase, they just made sure there wasn't anyone in the back garden and threw it out of the window. From the third floor. It bent quite nicely on impact. Lara's still got a picture somewhere, I think.
28th Jan, 2003 02:56 (UTC)
They went for the first worry: they turned up, delivered both, but took away only the oven. This means at least that they didn't do the other things you were worried about (well, I can't vouch for the absence of mice, but it looks clean...)

Washing machines should be designed so the concrete inside comes in easily removed slabs, so you don't have to carry all of it up the stairs at once.
28th Jan, 2003 03:04 (UTC)
Aaargh. Oh well, since they've already arrived do you wanna meet for lunch...
28th Jan, 2003 03:46 (UTC)
Sure, but where? I'm not going to Costa's...
29th Jan, 2003 00:10 (UTC)
If Comet delivery don't do what they are supposed to they refund the delivery charge. I've had them do that on more than one occasion. Either I stay in all day and they arrive after 6pm for an 8-6 delivery or, as last time, they delivered the tv and didn't unpack it and put it on its stand. That was probably bluerose's fault as he did the second half of the waiting in all day and didn't tell them to and did it himself, hurting his back more than it already is as the tv is heavy. But the delivery men didn't offer, so I rang and complained and we will get a refund again.
28th Jan, 2003 05:51 (UTC)
The cold water stop in my flat is so solidly stuck open that no-one's ever managed to shift it without risking breaking the pipe. A cold tap has been dripping for nine years as a result...
29th Jan, 2003 04:23 (UTC)
Damnit, I decided not to go to the LJ meet cos I felt somewhat shy and out of my depth. I'm older than you, fat and just a teeny weeny bit gothy:-) Sorry I missed you as you sound fun! I'll definitely go next time. Hope you don't mind me posting to your journal.

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