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I am unilaterally declaring that Monday is now schedule day, on the grounds that it works better for me - that way I can try to arrange something for my weekend in advance...

Tonight: takeaway or going out for food with ciphergoth on the grounds that the kitchen will be dismantled and he's going away on Thursday. So, which will it be?
Tuesday: LJ meetup in the Filmhouse
Wednesday: Flat meal, sibelian is cooking, I believe.
Thursday: Buffy and Angel night with Jen and ducklofty and selectnone and pipistrelle if they want to come.
Friday: Probably spent with keyeto, but nothing actually organised yet (actually I was just looking for an excuse to write "keyeto")
Saturday: I may go to the Mish. Does anyone want to come round and tart up with me and help me with my corset?
Sunday: Staying in to watch Lost Cities of Iraq, otherwise I don't know.



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27th Jan, 2003 10:01 (UTC)
i'm lame, what time is the lj meet up? oh, and i might come to see buffy, but neal will still be in dundee *whimper*
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