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Didn't I tell you that Momus is more cheerful? Actually I really need to buy a copy of that album, but it's a bit hard to get hold of. So, yes, I didn't sleep well, mostly due to sleeping all day yesterday, and I was late for work (again) today, which would have been a great Cop Shoot Cop lyric to use, but I'm being strict with myself for no readily apparent reason.

And why did Ananove file this under quirkies? It looks as if it might be important, even (or especially?) if it doesn't work as well as they say..



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27th Jan, 2003 03:59 (UTC)
Sounds like the first step towards a Voigt-Kampf test as well.
I wonder if there set up looks at all like the movies.
27th Jan, 2003 09:59 (UTC)
Well, if it works on Simon Weston, it'll work on anyone!
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