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BBSpot funnier than the Onion?

OK. Today is stuff to read day.
New Law Protects Free Speech
Washington DC - The Free Speech Protection Act [FSPA] ensures free speech by encrypting the first amendment and only allowing properly licensed corporations and individuals to use it. Funding to develop the encryption is being generated by auctions of these free speech licenses. Use of free speech without a license would be punishable by heavy fines and 5-10 years in federal prison.

A lot of the other stories are worth looking at too, for some value of 'geek'.

In other news - did you know that Nicholas van Hoogstraaten has been arrested and charged with murder? Straight up. The story has been running for a while, but I think it's now at the stage of going to court.



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1st Oct, 2001 06:17 (UTC)
Yeah I heard...
...that Hoogstraten bloke is one wierd character- He really will be the richest man in the graveyard - but for the fact that he is going to be buried in his house with all his artwork and stuff - Personally - I think his is a grave that can be desecrated on the fact of such a bastard that he is.

Infamy doesn't begin to describe that guy...


1st Oct, 2001 06:34 (UTC)
Here's the BBC story on van Hoogstraten


"Moving up on second base, behind Nicholas van Whatshisface..."
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