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There's a new sun and it's rising.

Firstly apologies to anyone affected by my incredible binge drinking on Thursday night - although most of you will only have seen the odd incoherent post. I felt shit all day yesterday, if that's any compensation.

Today will be better. The sun shines, I have Plans, and I hope to be at .conception tonight, although that may change. I have also just ordered a new cooker, washing machine and digital radio phone from Comet, because everything in our flat is breaking down at once. Now for the truly interesting challenge of disconnecting the old washing machine in time for the delivery...

I am planning creative enterprises to make use of the extra space while Paul is away. Must try and make sure he doesn't come back to a room full of clothes, paint etc though. Must also go out in the sun while it's there. And tidy up. And stuff.



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25th Jan, 2003 03:54 (UTC)
No, it's not a method of safe sex or contraception, but if you can find one it might be useful to turn it off before disconnecting the washing machine ......
25th Jan, 2003 04:04 (UTC)
Re: Stopcock
Oddly enough I had thought of that...
25th Jan, 2003 04:09 (UTC)
Re: Stopcock
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