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Forked tongue, anyone?

From the Guardian again...
The Home Office said last night that ID cards would not be compulsory to access public services such as schools and hospitals. Mr Blunkett is keen to see if the card could be extended to provide entitlements to access to services, but is stressing the entitlements would not be dependent upon possession of an ID card.

Is it just me, or does that make no sense at all?


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1st Oct, 2001 04:50 (UTC)
Sure. So... you don't need to present an identity card at the hospital/school. You just need one to legally step onto the street when you try to get to the hospital/school. Completely different thing, I'm sure...

Grade A doublethink...?

1st Oct, 2001 05:00 (UTC)
Or - you don't need your honestly-it's-not-compulsory ID card to claim benefit, but it's one of the only forms of ID accepted to prove your entitlement, the others all require the signatures of both great-grandparents and in any case we'll treat you like a second class citizen when you try to use them. Actually make that third class, you're already second class...
1st Oct, 2001 04:57 (UTC)
It's not just you.

I was going to write to my MP today pointing out how ridiculous the entitlement card scheme is: what, you're going to ask doctors to let people bleed to death if they haven't got the right papers? Refuse to teach their kids to read, or to give them vaccines - which incidentally would endanger my kids as well - because their parents don't have the right paperwork?

But now I think I'll wait for a more coherent policy statement, or failing that, a draft Bill. No point trying to shoot at a moving target if I don't have to.
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