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I forgot to mention that we went back to the gym last night. It hurt, but I now feel incredibly virtuous. The only problem was that everyone had had the same idea and the place was packed out. We're going to have to try some different nights of the week and see how they compare...



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21st Jan, 2003 03:54 (UTC)
Don't be an astronaut
... they stick nasty things up your bum when you do the training. It's true. I saw it on a film.
21st Jan, 2003 12:22 (UTC)
Re: Don't be an astronaut
Don't they also spin you around and make you swim in your space suit?

21st Jan, 2003 03:58 (UTC)
Good for you. And the gym'll be less packed in February - you wait and see. I'm just doing KB atm and avoiding the gym like the plague. I'm going to join one next week, so's I can take advantage of the "January only" offers, but don't have to fight my way to the cross-trainer through a throng of post-Christmas penitents.
21st Jan, 2003 04:10 (UTC)
I usually go Tue/Thu/Sun as I'm told that they are busier Mon/Wed at our place *shrug* When the NY resolutions get broken it'll die down a bit. Well done for getting back into it though ! :) I have two skirts I am determined to fit into by Whitby without a squeeze ! I bought them specifically for incentive, and coz they'll look great when they do fit :D
21st Jan, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
My limited experience of gyms is that they hurt no matter what night of the week you go.

PS Have finally caved in to the pressure and got an LJ account, so no more anonymous posts ...
21st Jan, 2003 07:02 (UTC)
i should go to a gym. i'm too nervous of being around other people though. i've been doing pilates every day for 30 minutes at home, and i seem to be staying fit okay.
22nd Jan, 2003 11:03 (UTC)
I've just started jogging and kickboxing in an aim to build up my muscles. Have been feeling virtuos but very exhausted- as well as rather suprised at myself.
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