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Trains are howling in the dark

I got to sleep OK at before 11.00 last night. Then I was woken up by a godawful noise which proceeded to go on at frequent but irregular intervals for over an hour. It wasn't an alarm but a very painful metallic noise which I couldn't see anything out the window to explain. It sounded like either someone was trying to start a very, very large and rusty engine or perhaps they were cutting a train into very small slices. It did briefly occur to me that someone was taking a hint from yesterdays news and stealing the railway track into Haymarket, ut it still seemed to be there this morning...

So I took a sleeping tablet at 2am and consequently felt very dopey this morning. I am used to the ordinary mating calls of trains, and have even grown to quite like them, but this was ludicrous.



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21st Jan, 2003 03:59 (UTC)
That's a spookily appropriate lyric. Just think of the things that might happen during James week...
21st Jan, 2003 04:02 (UTC)
Well I haven't shot anyone yet, but it's only Tuesday...

What sort of things? I'm not sure it would be safe to have a James week.
21st Jan, 2003 05:22 (UTC)
i had a dream when i was a child, and i still remember it now. a machine i could not understand made a terrible sound ...

(sorry, it seemed appropriate, given what week it is.)
21st Jan, 2003 05:37 (UTC)
I actually used to have that dream on a regular basis. I think it was caused by one of Play School regular 'through the window' slots which had a hideous Heath Robinson-esque machine in a park somewhere that seemed to do nothing except be huge and go round with big black gears and stuff...
21st Jan, 2003 05:58 (UTC)
I have a copy of the Teddy Bear Factory clip they had, I used to love that
21st Jan, 2003 06:08 (UTC)
I guarantee you we'll see at least one lyric from that song appearing in the titles line this week, perhaps two...
21st Jan, 2003 06:26 (UTC)
But I've already used the two best lines more than once :-(
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