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20th Jan, 2003 01:52 (UTC)
This week is Cop Shoot Cop lyrics week. Be very afraid.


oh well, at least it's not Elvis Costello week...
20th Jan, 2003 01:54 (UTC)
I did briefly contemplate Elvis Costello week, but then I realised that I wanted to live. It's other people that need to die...
20th Jan, 2003 05:50 (UTC)
Life imitates...

Fx: construction site type noises
Dai: Pardon me, boy, er, where do you want this load of five hundered ton iron girders?
Bloodnok: Well, I think you'd better put them in the safe, you see, there's been a lot of pilfering lately.
20th Jan, 2003 07:13 (UTC)
Thieves steal two miles of rail track
The b'ching gang?
I suspect it's just railtrack taking all measures possible
to avoid reopening lines.
20th Jan, 2003 16:46 (UTC)
i am strongly in favour of this week.
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