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you push my buttons good

Edinburgh Goth Weekend is starting to look like something that might happen. I don't know if anyone is planning on coming up for it, but I'll no doubt be going as it's literally down the road from me. One thing that's pissing me off unduly, though is that now it's apparently in aid of some unspecified charity. Does anyone remember if that was mentioned before? The Web pages say:

All proceeds from the event will be donated to several charities. So far, suggested charities include:

Cancer Research
M.E. Foundation
Mountain Rescue
The Samaritans

Now that looks like a pretty haphazard collection to me. So, tell me, am I being totally unreasonable, or would it be more sensible to decide who will benefit from an event before advertising it? I know the same thing happened with Nightmare last year, and I kind of felt the same way - in fact I didn't buy my ticket until I knew who was benefiting. I mean, some organisations that are legally charities are things like major public schools, or religious cults (or my workplace, which would be scary). I have known people I quite like to put cash in a tin 'for charity' without asking who it's for, and it has sometimes turned out to be the Moonies or someone like that, so it's not just an idle concern.

Anyway, my ideal would be if people running benefit events would think first about what they want to raise money for and then do it in as upfront a way as possible. I'm basically in favour of Nightmare and events of its kind, and I think the organisers are acting in good faith (before anyone gets up to flame me) but advance info could be better for this one...
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