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I run good but I'm hard to start

I now have a very long To Do list. Pavlos would want to convince me that this is a Good Thing, at least as compared to having the same number of tasks, but no To Do list. In theory I am convinced by the logic of this, but in practice it may take a while before I can face having all these tasks staring me in the face. Anyway, I am now rewarding myself with LJ for having written the list. Which is a bit like putting 'write this list' at the top of the list and then ticking I off when you've done it, but hey.

Hmm. Since writing the list (and indeed since starting this update) I have just completed another task on the list. Maybe this list thing is lucky for me. And yes, I *shall* tick the item off the list, even if it's a bit sad - I need all the encouragement I can get.

Buffy tonight - yay!



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16th Jan, 2003 07:52 (UTC)
even if it's a bit sad

Don't think it's at all sad. Was thinking of copying you and doing same. I have loads to do and I am the most disorganised and easily distracted person I know.
16th Jan, 2003 08:35 (UTC)
I commend your list-writing success. And yes, write this list is an OK item for the list.

16th Jan, 2003 09:15 (UTC)
I always make to-do lists if I have lots of things to do. It's so satisfying when you have crossed lots of the things off.

Besides, meta-work is often more interesting than work.
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