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Went into a brain shop: they said they'd have to rebuild the whole head

Yes folks, this week is Morphine week. Just to make life a little harder for myself, this week I am going to be using Morphine lyrics only in the titles. Next week will be They Might Be Giants week, and then maybe Momus week. During Cop Shoot Cop week I will perform a drive by shooting: during Elvis Costello week I may be forced to slit my wrists.

Meanwhile, back at work. Thanks to sibelian and ciphergoth I got up on time, which in turn meant I could weigh myself, find clothes, eat a little, take my medication, moisturise and still walk to work in time. I sat down and read my mail, then I opened Mozilla. Oh, well, it all went well up to 9.05am, which is a hell of a lot better than last week. I feel bright and alert and resoluted, which is the opposite of dissoluted, but not quite as useful as resolved. I feel capable of doing some work. Now I must actually do some work. Um.

Meanwhile, here are some future plans:-

This week
Tonight is free. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Jon, Wednesday morning I go to Stirling, Wednesday night is a flat meal (do you know who's cooking, Paul?), Thursday is Buffy, and ducklofty and Jen are coming round. Friday is currently free, Saturday I may go to the Mish, but if people are up for it I'd be happy to do Digital instead (pavlos?). In the daytimes I also have to buy more wool and some needles to replace the ones somebody (probably me) sat on, and sort out my new phone withciphergoth. And a scales, and an oven, and maybe a frying pan and a toaster and a phone... Eek.

This month
Is mostly pretty quiet. I'm taking the 24th off as TOIL and I have very little money. I must try to do some sewing and knitting. But mainly I want to sort out my holidays etc for the rest of the year. See below.

This year contains a number of long weekends I want to do, which may together eat all of my annual leave and money. Morecambe at the end of February, Whitby at Easter, Euro BiCon if it happens, BiCon if I go, a weekend in Amsterdam because I wanna, and November Whitby which is a week long. And I think I need a real holiday (i.e a week or more when I go away and don't try to fill the hours with frenetic activity). This could be hard.

So. What are other people planning to do about these events? Is anyone else going to Morecambe, and have you booked? Does anyone want to share a flat at Bicon? And does anyone have holiday plans they'd be prepared to let me in on/want to join me in going anywhere? Answers on a saucy picture postcard to the usual address...

Right. Now some work.
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