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Enlighten me to the nowness of now

Good things.

I have a warm chenille jumper, very red, for £3.99 from a charity shop. I am warm. And I think it suits me. Hurrah.

It is Friday, which means I have survived this week at work. Next week will be better.

We saw The Time Machine last night and it was much better than I expected. The book has a very awkward plot to work with, and I think they did an excellent job with it. And the effects were deeply cool.

I will be at Ascension in giant boots.

Bad things. With redeeming points.

It was too hard to start back on my diet this week. Oh well - I am managing to feel OK about this.

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon. But then I will not have a hole in my front tooth, and I'll have been brave, so go me.

Dentists, jumpers, Ascension etc all cost money. Which I sort of don't have. But I've managed to spend reasonably little this week and I'm going to try and work out my finances tonight - yet more bravery...

Now I must do some more work before I have to go to the dentist...



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10th Jan, 2003 06:46 (UTC)
Remember, the dentist is our friend ; ) xxx
10th Jan, 2003 13:06 (UTC)
... is there some sort of toothy plague going on at the moment?

So many people seem to be having tooth problems... Both on LJ, IM's and IRL...

Very wierd.

Suppose I ought to re register with the NHS dentist in case I "catch" whatever it is... I havent been to a Dentist in 4 years... heh. Doh.

Good luck / "have fun"

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