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On the coldest day of the year

My giant transforming boots with spikes arrived yesterday. I spent most of the evening putting them together and trying to avoid singing the giant boot song. They fit very well and I'm delighted with them.

I have a bit more money than I thought I did - I may yet be able to get through to the end of the month without calling on my savings.

It is Ascension on Saturday, and I can wear giant boots! Boots boots boots boots-boots boots Boo-oots. Sorry.

Sandy has curtains, thus making the flat warmer.

I was brave and made a dentists appointment. This is probably good.



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7th Jan, 2003 05:51 (UTC)
"The giant boot song"?

Although Andrew Wilson was telling me about a song called (and about having an) "Enormous Penis".
7th Jan, 2003 10:27 (UTC)
I'm curious too. It sounds like I should know it, but I don't.
8th Jan, 2003 00:58 (UTC)
I read that and thought "But Ascension Day isn't till May..." before the penny dropped. Clearly I either (a) need to get out more, or (b) misspent my youth in too many C of E churches.

In the light of my recent whinges about scheduling, I guess I have to put my money on (b)...
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