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On the twelfth day of Christmas

I am back at work. Joy. Thanks to my efficient and charming co-workers I didn't have an inbox full of outdated invitations to go to the pub, exhortations to take coloured paper our of the photocopier when you've finished with it etc etc. Thanks to various other snags, snarls and entanglements, though, I also do not have a finished training guide. Grrr. Still, new funding has been awarded (finally) at a somewhat more realistic rate, so my job is safe and I can afford to hire people to stuff the training guide mailout when it does eventually arrive.

Meanwhile I will keep myself strong by looking back over all the good things in the last few days.

I've managed to read a lot over my break, including the whole of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy (thanks to ciphergoth for getting me the first one, unfortunately it was so good I had to buy the others instantly). I love it, although I am still working through some issues with the ending. Other books devoured include the 'new' Peter Wimsey book A Presumption of Death, which was better than I expected, even though I disapproved of it's being written, Yeats is Dead!, which is a surreal literary mystery collaboration of fifteen Irish writers, Sweet Poison by David Roberts, which tries and fails to resemble a Lord Peter mystery, and most of Evolving the Alien by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart.

This weekend I nearly managed to buy a new phone, or rather, to trade my phone in for new phone and some money - monthly contracts must be worth a hell of a lot. Still trying to decide if a) I will ever use tri-band GPRS and Bluetooth (Zen geek question: what's to use of one Bluetooth device?) and b) whether I can be arsed learning hideous Motorola user interface in order to obtain these features plus a snazzy flip top such as Nokia don't seem to do. Will decide this week, I guess.

And the Mish was fun. I danced in giant boots both upstairs and down (amazingly caught a good patch of tunes downstairs including Therapy? and The Might Mighty Bosstones), gave gothtart a killer hamster which she seemed to find amusing, had a good chat with Bobby who I haven't seen at a club in aages, and enjoyed the company of pipistrelle and dragal23 to boot. And the cab we pre-booked turned up, so no walking home in icy conditions, which was a big plus.

And djm4 unexpectedly sent me the videos of Have His Carcase, which I'm deeply grateful for. It's one of the better Lord Peter Adaptations, and I had the pleasure of watching it with ciphergoth, who didn't know whodunnit (and I managed to avoid spoilering him).

And now I shall eat my lunch. Hurrah for January and many new kinds of low calorie food.


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6th Jan, 2003 04:25 (UTC)
Have His Carcase
Not the Edward Petherington/Harriet Walter TV version, by any chance? I've been wanting to watch that again for years.
6th Jan, 2003 04:32 (UTC)
Re: Have His Carcase
The very same. Tell me, do you have a birthday or anything coming up in the next couple of weeks at all...?
6th Jan, 2003 04:37 (UTC)
Re: Have His Carcase
Oh my God, I seriously have been looking for that TV series ever since I first saw it at the age of 12 and got hooked on the books as a result. Wow.

Er, yes, I do have a birthday coming up... *goes off to update Amazon wish list*
6th Jan, 2003 04:30 (UTC)
And djm4 unexpectedly sent me the videos of Have His Carcase, which I'm deeply grateful for.

You're welcome. Consider it a token of how much I enjoyed spending some reasonably chilled time with you and ciphergoth. They've also released A Strong Poison and Gaudy Night, in case it's not obvious.
6th Jan, 2003 04:55 (UTC)
monthly contracts must be worth a hell of a lot

Yes, they are.

Mobile phone company's obscene profits come from a) 'line rental' from contracts, b) ripping off PAYG users on call costs and c) charging other telecoms companies too much to call their network's users.
6th Jan, 2003 06:29 (UTC)
The last one is almost criminal anti-competition behaviour.

6th Jan, 2003 04:57 (UTC)
Don't think they played Therapy?; the first track we danced to was IIRC Green Day, Basket Case...
6th Jan, 2003 05:01 (UTC)
His Dark Materials
Great isn't it.
They are making them into two films due 2005/6. I just hope they don't spoil the whole thing.
Wouldn't you just love a demon? Would yours be a Bunny? I guess mine would be a Rat.
6th Jan, 2003 05:05 (UTC)
Re: His Dark Materials
I think mine would be Keitch the lizard (see userpic) rather than any purple rabbits, but I'm still not clear how it all works. I'm looking forward to rereading them with a bit more attention to detail, now...
6th Jan, 2003 06:40 (UTC)
If you're getting a new contract phone, don't get a Motorola. Get a GD87.
6th Jan, 2003 06:52 (UTC)
I have to chose from the ones I'm being offered free - what's a GD87?
6th Jan, 2003 07:54 (UTC)
The Motorola we're looking at is the V66e - what's the problem with it? It's very dinky.

Googling reveals that the GD87 is some sort of picture phone. Since Alison has a real digital camera, this seems a bit pointless...
6th Jan, 2003 08:04 (UTC)
I think the underlying point is that Simon M wants someone else to own a picture phone, so that he has someone to send pictures to. :)
6th Jan, 2003 18:13 (UTC)
Don't get a Sony Ericsson T68 or T68i. Richard has one, and the user interface is unbearably slow. Its response time is in the order of a second, which makes writing text messages and browsing wap particularly painful. He's trading it in for a new Nokia as soon as his current contract expires.
7th Jan, 2003 04:38 (UTC)
The Motorola OS/UI is pretty clunky IMO. SonyEricsson is more user friendly but I gotta agree I find it slow. Nokia I would have to reluctantly admit appear to have got things pretty right, but they are also the Microsoft of the Mobile world and have caused me pain whenever I've run into them (technically speaking rather than physically - although I wouldn't discount the latter). My favourite ever phone OS was Panasonic, but I'll bet you can't get one of them FOC.

Ho hum.

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