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I had a good Hogmanay, but I now have a rotten cough which is doing nothing to balance my view of the world. Please bear this in mind when reading the following review/resolutions. (I couldn't be arsed making them be fives, because they're not)

Things about 2002 which make me glad it's in the past
Running BiCon
All the rows related to BiCons
Insomnia from hell
Becoming so distressed that I smash up my stuff

Things that were good in 2002 which I intend to carry on with or repeat
First (and second) corset
Good hair!
Learning I liked clubs that I hadn't tried before
Going to the gym
Going to Amsterdam

Resolutions/plans for 2003
Learn to use the sewing machine
Don't buy new clothes at least until I've altered or got rid of old clothes and actually worn all the new ones

Things to not do in 2003
Run any more BiCons (ever)
Sign up for any evening classes at Edinburgh Uni - it's too far away and they're very likely to be not as good as I hope



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2nd Jan, 2003 13:00 (UTC)
Your resolutions are relatively easy, and if you don't do something about it you might fulfil them. This very dangerous! You should have some more unrealistic resolutions. I could help you come up with some if you like.


3rd Jan, 2003 14:43 (UTC)
Learn to use the sewing machine
Ooooh! What sewing machine do you have?
6th Jan, 2003 02:43 (UTC)
I have a very old machine on long term loan from nikstrychnine, which has almost no distinguishing features visible, and on which light light up without the usual helpful labels to tell you which stitch you're on. I only want to turn some stuff up or take it in, but it means conquering the unpredictable tension, among other things.
6th Jan, 2003 03:42 (UTC)
Is it completely without identifying features?
Just wondering because I recently discovered that it's possible to get manuals for pretty much any singer machine. They give instructions on how to find the model number for machines pre 1960 and earlier, and have PDFs of manuals for industrial machines as well:

Of course if it's not a singer then that's of no help at all.
3rd Jan, 2003 18:06 (UTC)
Pratchett AND Banks..?
..then that means you probably have the right sensibility/sense of humour to try this.


Oh - I don't know you, just random surfing after a friend once again urged me to get one of these (I know too many people - 'local' to me - who have one and have resisted strongly so far). Wanted a Dead Journal instead (simply because it's NOT LJ)but didn't know anyone on DJ to bponce the access code.

And finally Cyril - what the fuck does Hogmanay actually MEAN? Someone told me it was French dot dot dot

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