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I've was tempted to do an end of year summary or one of those 5 things I learned ones. And then I started trying to do it, and it said things like "I've learnt I can't operate normally without medication", and other cheerful little thoughts, so I thought let's not actually. Not that I feel utterly shit, because I don't, but looking back is seeming to have that effect on me at the moment, which is why I've been doing fewer LJ entries, too, I suppose.

When I look at it rationally things have improved this year, but it's less than I (greedily?) would have wanted. Less of a pay rise, less weight loss, fewer things sorted out generally. On the other hand I'm not getting killer depression, anxiety or insomnia now, which has got to be a win. Sigh. Blah.

Still I now have giant boots. Giant Boots! *Does the giant boot dance*. And loads of extra hair that I've got to turn into something cool, and stuff.



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31st Dec, 2002 04:41 (UTC)
I wish you to have fun in your giant boots (or even without your boots, if they're too inconvenient).

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