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Merry Christmas My Arse

Am at Mary's having a merry xmas. Have giant boots! (which was my pressie to myself) so I'm stomping about the house to wear them in (and show them off). Also wearing brand new sparkly tights, but can't be arsed with makeup because I have a cold. Blah! All praise sudafed and ibuprofen.

Earlier I cleaned sprouts, so feel virtuous. I will even eat one or two if I feel extra good. The house contains an elegant cat called Oscar, which is a bonus. He's above all that getting stroked nonsense, but did do me the honour of falling asleep on my new skirt yesterday. Well it was carefully laid out on the bed, so was obviously the most important thing in the room and especially put there for him.

Can't think of much to say, but I'm enjoying the wonderful inactivity and booze. Not going to think about resolutions until nearer Hogmanay, in spite of pressure from friends list to do so. Xmas is for *breaking* resolutions, not making them...
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