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From my brain to yours

I hate it when good bands put bad tracks on the end of good albums just to make them up to CD length. I spent too much in HMV today, but one good thing I bought was a really good and comfortable pair of headphones (a snip at twenty quid). I realised when I got back to the office that they also match my turquoise i-Mac. Eek!

Today I have been mostly putting labels on envelopes. Not even stuffing envelopes, 'cos the flyers to put in them didn't arrive until just now. And I am not going to start stuffing them now... This may be while I feel depressed and vaguely as if my life is full of meaningless shit. It may also be because it's my birthday in four days, and I always get a bit stressed by birthdays. On a related note, I now have an Amazon Wishlist - in case anyone wants to but me a random present...

I strongly recommend the Onion this week, by the way. I actually found it rather moving, in an embarrassed sort of way, and that's more than I can say for most of the pap that passes for moving these days.

Aha! I hear the clock. Now I can go home.