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I thought I'd take a walk today

I've been too busy either travelling round London or having fun to update lately. Which is probably a good sign as I'm supposed to be on holiday. Now, however, I am chilling with beer and pringles while I listen to ciphergoth and ergotia make some fascinating noises from downstairs. Haven't heard lilithmagna yet, but no doubt I will...

Friday I went for lunch with duranorak and ciphergoth and ergotia in London BRidge and then went back to ergotia's and did some quick tat shopping. And that night I managed to make it to Sahara Nights to give babysimon the tasteful flashing plastic tiara I found. It was good to meet folk there, and get to talk to Simon, even though we then flaked out by last tube time and had to give up on the idea of clubbing (sorry duranorak!)

Saturday I eventually got out the house for a mamoth shop on Streatham Highroad and got big wedgy platform sandels for £2 on a street stall, as well as some lovely cheap lingerie (in every sense) and a nice gothy smock and gold hair spray. Then came back for mammoth tarting up for Club L'Amour. We all looked fab, naturally, and trishpiglet and countess_sophia and jackieh are lovely people to tart up with as well as to go clubbing with. I may do a detailed club report in a filtered entry. basically it was as cool as it is physically possible for a club on the Purley Way to be, with sofas and the (in)famous leather paddling pool and spacehoppers! We met djm4 and lolliepopp who also looked fab and proved to be huge fun to hang out with. Got to sleep at after 6am and managed to catch about 5 hours, more or less...

And today was fun, with waking up late and chilling with Trish and Soph and Jackie and finally getting out to eat chips and egg and meeting up with djm4. We went in the London Eye. Which is kewl and goes up in the SKY! And walked along the South Bank and saw The Globe and the Millenium Bridge and were curious about a building shaped like a giant perspex dildo with fairy lights inside (well, you would be, wouldn't you?). Then we found a Peruvian restaurant and ate grilled hearts which were not artichokes, and purple flavoured drink and I had a pumpkin and fried banana thing and David had a dish made with 'shredded hen' which was cool.

Tomorrow I go to Chigwell to stay with Mary and Trish comes round, hopefully, which will be fab. And *maybe* I get to finish my Xmas shopping...
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