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'cos names hold the key

You can be a vicious sod sometimes, but I like you. I still don't think you realise what you did to me. I think we'd get on. I'd like to see more of you. You seem like a nice lad. Stop being so damn cutesy. Shut up already! You have good clothes. I wish I didn't feel the urge to impress you. I seem to remember knowing you once. There's more to life than coke and champagne. You're a gentleman sir. Well, ok, you're a bit mad, but I like you. Bimbimbim. You seem to be getting over yourself. You look so gorgeous when you're fucked - and when I see you you're always fucked. Get a wig! Keep taking your medication. I wish you'd get back in touch. You're a bit up yourself, so be honest, aren't you? I wish I could persuade you to chill. Pretty! I love you but don't let that worry you. Kill your parents. I don't know you well enough to give you advice. I guess you'll be alright. Give up smoking! I think I can get on with you these days. I don't get you. Do you ever read this? Beauty is not enough. The word is *friends*. I will you well. I wish you'd get help. Can I stay with you? It must be nice to be a success. I fancy you, but you sound like trouble. Would you fancy me, I wonder - would I want you to? I'm in awe of you. I still remember touching you. You try too hard. You *are* gorgeous, believe it! I'd quite like to shag you. admit it, you're a lad. I wasn't disappointed because I didn't expect any better of you. You can fuck me baby. I don't know what you see in him, but you seem happy. I never liked you. I'm so sorry I don't fancy you. We both know you can be an irritating git. I wish I could fuck you again. I'm scared of giving you advice in case you go off on one, I hope I'm wrong. You think you're so important, but you're doing good work, so I guess that's OK. I wish I could snuggle you better as you deserve. You need to dump that zero - yeah, you and me both. You've certainly got a nerve. I fancy you, but I suspect that would horrify you. Yes, do come and visit - I've still got that coat. You are a glimpse of a life I find it hard to imagine. I really hope it works out for you. You can't dance. I love you, let's cuddle again soon. I can't stand to read about your fucked up life. I admire your mind. Are you ever wrong about anything? You need to leave, don't you? Are you still bitter and twisted and crap? I wouldn't want to lose you. You seem deeply ethical. *You* don't. I don't know how you do it. Things seem to be improving for you - good. I think I like you. I hardly know you, but he does, so you must be OK. haven't heard from you for a while. 'Ello darling. You *know* you look gorgeous. We must meet again. Let me buy you a pint.
Update: Ghod, can you guess how bloody I was feeling today? I'm not going to delete this, but do please take it with an artery endangering quantity of salt...


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11th Dec, 2002 03:05 (UTC)
*ouch* I have no idea if or where I'm in there, but I think I recognised someone else and laughed...marvellously catty, darling. ~hugs~

11th Dec, 2002 03:22 (UTC)
I still don't think you realise what you did to me.

Could be me. Could be any of us, though - the point is that we wouldn't know it, surely? And frankly, I doubt I matter enough to you to warrant that comment. I'm much more likely to be 'We both know you can be an irritating git', 'I wish I could persuade you to chill' or (more hopefully) 'Let me buy you a pint'.

These are interesting; it's almost persuading me to do one now.
11th Dec, 2002 07:19 (UTC)
'We both know you can be an irritating git'

Isn't that me?

I do have the half-written remains of the last time something like this came around, only that time it was with names attached. If I delete the names and add a few more...
11th Dec, 2002 03:41 (UTC)
Well, I know which one is me :-)
11th Dec, 2002 03:43 (UTC)
I want 'Ello darling. xx
11th Dec, 2002 04:50 (UTC)
'Ello Darling!
You are correct. You may have a biscuit.
11th Dec, 2002 08:04 (UTC)
I hold you to that. I want a biscuit from you now. Which is cheeky of me given that I melted your marzipan vegetables.

11th Dec, 2002 04:37 (UTC)
If I made the list at all then it's possibly I think we'd get on or I hardly know you, but he does, so you must be OK.
11th Dec, 2002 05:19 (UTC)
If I am who I think I am then I am seriously offended. I really do think this is a vile meme.
11th Dec, 2002 05:32 (UTC)
I think you must have guessed wrong, I certainly didn't mean to offnd you.

And you're probably right. I was in a vile mood today and it appealed to me, but I don't (really) want to make other people feel as bad as I do...
11th Dec, 2002 05:49 (UTC)
Oh waah, see, this is what I mean about this one, the poster and everyone who reads it has to be light - hearted, one paranoid fuckwit (mea culpa!) and angst erupts. I guess I can see the appeal of it though. Anyway, I thought I was "There is more to life than champagne and coke", no?

You have not made me feel bad, I have made me feel foolish. Looking forward to seeing you over fucking Xmas.
11th Dec, 2002 07:56 (UTC)
I think "you cant dance" is the worst of the lot! Please say that is not me!

11th Dec, 2002 08:22 (UTC)
It can safely be me. I know I can't dance. I don't hit the dancefloor to impress other people but because I like enjoy throwing my body around to the music.

I'd never make a goth, would I? ;-)
11th Dec, 2002 09:03 (UTC)
Good lord I've seen enough goths dance that I certainly hope aren't trying to do it to impress anyone. ~laughs~ Truly.

11th Dec, 2002 07:48 (UTC)
I think I should have thought more carefully about this because I think I made a few people paranoid with mine.


11th Dec, 2002 08:32 (UTC)
I have a strong suspision that I am the "keep taking the medication one"! No offence taken at all, it was in good humour.
14th Dec, 2002 05:33 (UTC)
You think you're so important, but you're doing good work, so I guess that's OK.

Was that me? Just wondering.
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